Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun!

Here are some pictures from last night. We didn't do anything very extravagant, but had fun with both sides of the family.

This is Josh, Trevor, Aliyah, Jarron and Jordan at Scott's parents house.

This is the grandkids at my mom's house. They weren't too excited about more pictures.

And my dad with the grandkids. It makes me sad we have to do pictures without Kyrie and Ryan. We miss you guys!
The kids at my mom's still with Kendra and Harrison (my cousins).

My mom tried something new this year. you can't tell in the picture but the half egg shells are on fire. The eyes look like they are glowing when the lights are out. It was pretty cool and the kids all loved it.


Ashley said...

Of course I remember you! Half my childhood was spent at your house! Your boys are really cute. Glad you guys had a fun halloween. Cute costumes!

nixon5 said...

they all look so cute.

Amy said...

All the kids look so cute in their costumes. I wish we could have been there. You guys got homemade chili and and fun cake and I wish I could have had some too. Oh well maybe at Christmas. I'm glad you had a Happy Halloween.

Chan said...

That cake was pretty cool too! your boys had lots of fun trick-or-treating with me.

Allie said...

looks like a fun halloween!! and trevor dressed up! (He didnt last year right? I forget so you can correct me!)