Thursday, November 13, 2008

Our little Trooper!

I thought I should post an update on Josh. He is still not feeling well, but we haven't had any more of those "seizure" episodes since tuesday night. He has caught a virus of some sort and we are hoping it doesn't last too long. His fever comes and goes, and he has a runny nose now. I have never been one to worry about fevers with the kids... until now! So we just keep him drugged and life will go on. He usually has the biggest blue eyes, and while he has not been feeling well, you can see it in his little face. Poor little guy! He does still have his EEG down at Primary's tomorrow, so we hope that goes well. Thanks for all the prayers and concern!


nixon5 said...

good luck hope he continues to get better.

Chan said...

I hope all goes well today at Primary's, and that the EEG actually works this time!

Allie said...

Poor guy! Hope he gets over the virus soon! How did the EEG go??