Friday, March 6, 2009

Blogging Slump

I have been in a blogging slump. I look at everyone's cute blogs every day... with funny stories, cute pictures and fun things going on. And I can't think of much to say. I know that everyone doesn't want to hear about therapy this day or that. Or what kid hit whom..... so I have been waiting for something exciting. And I have come up with zip. Sorry.

But I do have one funny story. This was told to me by my sis Chan. So if I don't get it quite right.. I am so sorry!

She babysat Jordan and Josh for me yesterday so I could get a very much needed hair cut (thanks again Chan!!!). While there she was either doing some laundry, or changing loads or something. Jordan followed her down and had to ask some questions, as usual. I guess he asked her why she had to shut the door to the washer/dryer. She told him it was so when it started going the clothes would not fall out. So he says to her (and again I am trying to remember exactly how she said it) "Chan, I can't wait until I grow up and move out of the house and do my own laundry. I will leave the lid open so my clothes will fly out". What aspirations this kid has. LOL!

The only other exciting thing to happen here is that Josh FINALLY learned how to climb onto our couch. His Physical therapist has been working on this with him since December. It still takes him some time to get all the coordination down to get his legs and feet to work together, but he did it. Now he has discovered a whole new level of trouble. LOL!


Tanya said...

hee hee hee, that sounds exactly like something Hunter would say! haha! Love it!

I got my hair cut yestreday too!!! havnet' since July (she checked her books!!!), I'm sure I have you beat! :P

I'm sorry you don't feel like there's anythign to say! Just tell it. Wait til you see mine....

nixon5 said...

Sometimes I would love to let my clothes fly out too.

Chantel and Brian said...

Ya, he said that when the dryer beeped signaling the end of the cycle. That's just what he said though, and it was hilarious...espcially how serious he was when he said it ( :