Sunday, March 29, 2009


My sister Amy, came to my house yesterday to visit. I was able to get a picture of Josh with her. He has been a little more shy around her than he normally would be. But she got here right after his traumatic visit at the ER. So he is scared of people he doesn't know. But I thought it was cute anyway!

And here is my nephew jumping on Josh's bounce and spin Zebra. He LOVED it. He was laughing and smiling, it was so cute!


Chantel and Brian said...

Parker loves that zebra too! It's so nice to have her here. I can totally see why josh would be reserved around strangers..

Jessica said...

Both of those boys are too cute!
So to answer your question... If the can of Nutren Jr. does not need to be cold leave it out. I would just keep a few cans in the car since the temp outside is ok to do so. Jonah had a hard time with cold as well. Not that it hurts, it is just a wierd feeling. It is already tough for these little guys, I would just do things to suit them. I always carry a 20oz water bottle with me where ever I go. Im not sure what to do about the extra food left in the can. Eventualy Josh will be able to have more go through the tube at a time, until then...Tupperware?

Nancy Brown said...

your little oens are so freaking stinking cute. So glad the tube is what you needed and you were able to get it. So so cute