Friday, February 12, 2010

Josh is HOME!!!

Well Josh and I survived one more hospital stay. Let me tell you... if I never had to do it again... I would be jumping for joy. I really hate staying overnight. Anyway.... we are home and that is all the matters.

Josh's surgery went well. When his doctor came out to tell me how he did in surgery, he told me his tonsils and adenoids were very large. He is willing to bet that he sleeps better after he heals and the swelling go down. So that was great to hear. Makes me feel a tiny bit better about him having to go through this. His ear tube on his left side was great. His right side was full of infection (he came down with ANOTHER ear infection on monday of this week), so he sucked it all out and put the tubes in. It will be a bit more painful than normal because of that. But all in all there were no bleeding problems and the surgery itself went great.

Here are some pictures of him while down at PCMC.

This is him in Pre-Op. He wasn't happy there, but it only got worse after this unfortunately.

Right after I finally got to come see him after. He had a bit of a hard time coming out of the anesthesia this time.... so it was an hour before they let me see him.

These next pictures are him when we were trying to get him to suck on a Popsicle and take a drink. He was not feeling well (duh) and had been heaving. Poor guy!!!

This is one of the times he fell asleep. I couldn't resist taking this picture. He has had a hard time managing his saliva and so he is drooling non-stop and blowing bubbles when he is asleep. I feel so bad for him.

We had an awesome night nurse and she got me a bigger bed to sleep in last night. But guess who took it over?

I pulled some of his cars out and he was so miserable he just held them. Since he always has his hands behind his back like this... I took a picture of him sleeping while still holding onto his car. Even surgery can't stop him for his cars!

Just some more pictures of him throughout the night. He did not sleep from midnight on.

His Oxygen levels dropped constantly last night. He usually is within 92-97... even when he had his G-tube placement surgery last year. He kept de-sating to 80-82. After a couple minutes he could recover on his own, but that was not normal for him. Then he spiked a fever of 102 so we had to have lab work done and chest x-rays this morning to rule out aspiration from his surgery that would cause pneumonia. Thankfully nothing came back on the x-ray and since he is already on antibiotics for his ears, they let us go. Phew!!!
So far at home as long as we keep him on a good dose of Lortab he is doing alright. He is definitely not feeling well and we expected that. If I get any more pictures of him tomorrow I will post. Thank you everyone for the love, concern and prayers!


Tanya said...

Well, you weren't expecting much sleep. I hope he DOES start sleeping better and that things improve for him. Take care!

Amy said...

I love it how he puts his arms above his head like that. It makes him look relaxed. Even though you know he is really hurting. Poor guy! He goes through so much more than most other kids. I hope that they have fixed some of his sleeping issues now. It would do you both some good and give you peace of mind. I am glad that the surgery is over with. Good luck with the recovery!!

Deb and Spence said...

Poor guy! That would be great if he starts sleeping better! Maybe this will improve a few things, but still so sad. Hope he gets feeling better soon!