Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jordan's T-Ball Game

Jordan has his first T-ball game tonight. It went very well and was quite entertaining. His team is the Orioles. He was so excited to play finally (since tuesdays game was cancelled) and had a blast.

Here is his first time at bat. He did awesome each time.

This is him being the catcher. His coach is going to move the kids around each innings to let them play all positions.

Go Jordan!!!
Sorry about the crappy pictures... I was shooting into the sun. This is him at the pitcher position.

And finally..... another picture of Josh. He was happier tonight, but for some reason I could not get a good picture. It was the sunlight I think. It makes me laugh that he wants his picture taken.

So far things are going great with the new sport/season. I will update periodically, but we have a ton of games. Enjoy.


Amy said...

I think watching little kids play t-ball is so funny. They are just learning and they don't know everything about the sport yet. Jordan lots like he is having tons of fun. Hopefully you guys will have better luck with the weather for this sport.

Annie said...

Alex is playing tee ball too! And I agree with Amy it is really funny to watch. His team is the same color as Jordans. How fun and yes it keeps you very busy!