Thursday, May 6, 2010

An overdue update

I have had one of the most out of control, busy, chaotic last 10 days! So the blog has been neglected because by night I am too tired to do anything.

So here is what is going on.......

Trevor had his baptism last weekend. It went very well. I will post more pictures when I have them. He is continuing weekly therapy and seems to really like his therapist. (YES!) He finished soccer this past week and did pretty good. I am not sure if we will have him play again. His first baseball practice is tomorrow night and games start on monday. Cub Scouts is going well too and he really enjoys the den meetings.

Jordan is doing good too. He had his 6yr check up last week. He is 36 lb. (5%) and 43 inches tall (25%). He was also officially diagnosed with Asthma. He did the breathing tests and everything. So he has joined Trevor with daily breathing treatments, inhalers and Singulair. Fun times. LOL! He also had his last soccer game last night. It was a great game and his team did so awesome. Jordan scored two goals last night. He has scored a goal in almost every game. He really loved soccer and probably will play again. He also starts T-ball next week. He did his Kindergarten Program yesterday and had a blast. He is doing very well.

Josh is doing good too. I took him down to Primary Children's Medical Center for a GI appointment yesterday morning. He is on the chart people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the first time since having his feeding tube placed 14 months ago he is on the chart for height and weight!!!!!!! Ideal is to be between 90-100% and he is 92%! He has been around the 80-85% forever!!! His BMI is 5% so he still needs to get up to about 7, but hey.... we are on the chart!!!!!! He is going to continue with thickened only liquids and an up in some med doses. And the other exciting thing is that we are going to start weening him off nighttime feedings. The goal is to get him off them by the end of the summer. We will probably do daytime for several months. But if he starts losing weight, we will be back to night feedings. But it was so exciting to hear how well he is doing. We rarely get that good of an appointment with Josh. Also he is getting a new G-tube button. Right now he has something called a MIC-KEY Mini button. I will change that out in a couple days with just a MIC-KEY button. He has another staff infection in his G-tube site so we are going to try a bit bigger of a tube. Other than that things are great!

I am doing alright as well. I wish I wasn't as sick as I have been the last couple days. I had my first OB appointment today. My due date is around mid december, but she'll give me a more firm one next appointment. The baby looks fine (as much as you can see a tiny peanut) and everything is well. I will be having a C-section this time around. My OB said she would STRONGLY discourage a vaginal birth this time around. Good thing I had already figured that and didn't want to do that again. With my history... and the fact that I really want a healthy baby this time around, she is placing some restrictions already. No lifting over 20 lb (mmm Josh is 28), I can do light walking, but no running, hiking ect. No overdoing it and I need to try to take it easy all the time. With Josh I started with contractions at 18 weeks. So let's hope this time around goes much better.

So that is how things are going. It has been soooo busy the last few days around here. I should get back to my normal blogging next week. Wish me luck on that! LOL!!!


Amy said...

I am so glad that things are starting to go better with Josh. I hope it continues to get better all the time. I also hope that Trevor continues to progress with his therapy. Pregnancy isn't easy on the body so take it easy. I love you guys!

Deb and Spence said...

Glad to hear so many things are going well. Yay for being on the chart! Definitely take it as easy as you can. That's crazy with your life, but I hope you can make it work! :)

Chantel and Brian said...

I'm sorry you're starting to feel sick. I hate, hate, hate that part of pregnancy! Good part is at least it's temporary, right? Let me know if you need anythhing.

I wish I could've made it to the boy's games, but it would've been so hard with the kids. I'm glad things are starting to improve with Josh, and I hope the weening of the night feedings go well.

Tanya said...

yeay! So much happy news! (well...not so much the asthma...) I'm so glad to hear the boys are doing so well!

I know what you mean by not posting, but I am having allergy issues that take over my brain/motivation by bedtime. Anyway, glad you had so much happy to say! :)

Jessica said...

Im so happy that you are getting some what of a break from chaos. I think of Josh offten, and he sure is lucky to have you for a mom. You are such a good teacher for me.

Sick while being preggers stinks! But it will hopefully end soon enough. If you need help with anything, or an ear to listen please give me a call.

Lori said...

glad to hear things are going well. i'm so happy for you to make it on the chart!! YAY!!!