Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Day at the Air Force Museum

As the summer is winding down, we decided to take the kids out to the Hill Air Force Base Museum. I have taken Jordan there, but Trevor has not ever been. So we met my dad and sister, Chantel there and had a little family day. It was nice to get out and it was great to be indoors where there is AC!
This is the kids in a flight simulator of a T-38. They loved it and spent alot of time in it.
Jordan standing by an airplane tire. He was pretty amazed that is was bigger than him!
At least Trevor seemed to be enjoying this picture. He was not having a good day.
Here is a snapshot that about sums it all up for Trevor. He didn't do so well here, and we thought he would really like it. He did like the learning center where he could play with stuff though.
And Jordan again. He loves airplanes (wonder where he got that from.... can't be his grandpa, can it??) and he really loves to go to the museum. He had a fun time, and already has asked to go back again.

And of course little Josh. He was so good, even though he was tired. He just kicked back and enjoyed the stroller ride. What a sweet boy!

And of course he smiles for Grandpa! He is such a Grandpa's boy! He gets so excited when he sees my dad, and always makes a beeline for him. It's so cute! It was a wonderful day, and so much fun to spend time with family!


Tanya said...

How fun! But wait a minute...WHAT a/c????? I've been there twice and its awlays suffocatingly hot! especially in that second hangar!

Sooo YOU won the blog candy! let me knwo what you want! LOL!

nixon5 said...

My kids love it there too. It's a nice little day trip to make.

Alice said...

Your boys are so cute. I am with Jordan, you see the size of that tire?

Funny that the second I saw the title of your post I knew your dad was involved. I remember when I was little being amazed how much he knew about airplanes.

Glad you got to spend the day out :)