Friday, July 4, 2008

The Diagnosis is.....

I thought I would pass along the info I found out at the Ear, nose and Throat doctor this past wednesday.

First of all, he was surprised to see us back again. He said that almost 100% of the time they put tubes in, it solves the problem. On occasion very few kids will get ear infections after, and usually only one or two. Not four in three months. His left ear tube was blocked still, which isn't a good sign. So we are going to continue the steriod drops in his ears and do a home recipe ear flush to clean out all the 'gunk'. We will see how that goes and try to keep it under control. We were given the all clear to not use ear plugs while bathing in April, but in his case we are going to have to use them always. So the next step if we continue to have problems is to have his adnoids taken out. They usually don't like to do it before 2, and 18 months is the youngest they ever do that. But they also don't want him miserable for the next 5 months either. So we may have to do it sooner, and then maybe it will solve the problem. So it wasn't the best of news.. since really the only solution is surgery, but at the same time, at least I know we did everything possible and didn't make it worse. He is concerned about more food allergies than we already have.... a possible wheat allergy. So we are going to give him another week on the meds and drops and then take away wheat and see if the runny nose doesn't get better. I hope it isn't another allergy. I already don't know what I am going to feed this kid!

So that is where we are at with him. It is always something, huh?


Heidi said...

Have you taken your son to an allergist? Carson, my younger son, has an allergist because of his asthma and allergies. He is working with us to find a combination of medicines to help his asthma and allergies. He also had us do a bunch of allergy tests to find what he is allergic to.

Hope your son gets feeling better soon.

Allie said...

poor guy! I hope they can finaly figure out what is wrong with the poor little guy!