Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Grandkids!

I don't have a lot of time tonight, but I wanted to post these pictures that were taken at Layton Park a couple weeks ago before Amy moved to PA. It was not easy to get a pictures of 6 kids, 6 and younger, so it takes several shots to have one with every kid looking at the camera. You know how it goes. I will post more pictures when I have a little bit of time.

And at least Jordan looks a little happier in this one, and Parker is looking at the camera!

Also on a side note... Josh is struggling with his ears again. I was back in the doctor last night with another ear infection. I tried to call the ENT first, but they were out of the office until monday. So I took him back to our ped office. He has been pretty miserable this time, and crying alot. He is having some stressful reflux and swallowing problems too. We aren't sure if the reflux is causing the problems, or ear infections, but gut feeling is that we do need to go see a pediatric GI doctor now. If we lay him flat, stuff comes up and he screams. After his appt last night, the Dr told us basically to not lay him flat until we get into a Dr. So he is now sleeping in a swing. He loves it too, which is funny. My friend Lorina (Thanks again!) let us borrow her swing since we don't even have one. It's a nice one and is bigger and holds kids to 30lb. Sadly enough at 13 months, he looks kinda small in it. So there aren't any worries now about his aspirating at night. I will keep you posted on what goes on. We have an appt on monday with both the ENT, and his ped. So we should get the ball rolling on this finally. Poor baby!

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Allie said...

cute kids! Looking at your mom it doesnt look like she could possibly have 6 grandkids!!