Monday, July 21, 2008

A Temporary Solution

You are probably wondering if this blog is all about Josh and nobody else, huh? I seem to post mostly about him, but that is the big part of our lives right now. Trevor and Jordan aren't in school and so they haven't had alot of 'big' things going on. But they are both doing good. Both are getting over a cold, so things are better. Trevor is struggling with summer, but we knew that was going to happen. He starts school in like 5 weeks, so the end is in sight!

I know I posted pictures of Josh sleeping in a swing. We finally got an appt with the GI doctor and it is not until October 21st! So I realized after finding that out, that him sleeping in the swing for another 3 months is not feasible. So after some advice from his Ped and therapist, I came up with this idea. I hate that we have to use the playpen when we have a crib, but I couldn't make the area for him to sleep in small enough with the crib. So here is some pictures of what I have done to the playpen so he doesn't lay flat.

You can't really tell, but there is only enough room for him to lay down and move a little from side to side. It's angled down at the end with the dark blue pillow.
Again, you can't really tell how much I have it angled, but there is many blankets under his head end, and then the blocks of wood the playpen is up on. It seems to be working fine, although he does slide down a little by morning.

And alas... his crib that is now collecting dust. I had to get a picture, cuz I can't believe I have a crib and have to use the playpen anyway. Oh well... this too shall pass, right?

And another update on Josh: he is currently doing OK. His ears are clear for the moment, and we hope to keep them that way for as long as possible. The ENT did give us prescriptions for antibiotics so we don't have to take him in next time the ears flare up. I guess that is a bit of good news... one less co-payment! He is going to have a Swallow Study done on him down at Primary Childrens in the coming weeks. His therapist has said if they can pinpoint where the problem is... she may be able to do more for the eating now, instead of waiting for a GI appt in 3 months. So we'll see what happens from here. Thanks for all the prayers and concern!


Alice said...

Nice. Way to be inventive. Your crib is still cute even if it really isn't serving a function for the moment :)

Allie said...

isnt that a new crib too? Eventualy he will be in it. Look how cute it is all made wouldnt be that cute if he was sleeping in it. (at least my kids weren't. You never found me making up the crib)
You are such a trooper to do all the things you can for him. He is lucky to have you for a mom!

Tanya said...

Thanks for you compliments. It makes my day!
I'm so sorry for all the drama in your life. I think you're a great mom tho!!!