Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Another Day at Primary Childrens Medical Center

Well it was another day at Primary's for us today. Thank goodness it is over is all I have to say! We had an appt with the GI doctor, lab work and an EEG today. Quite the day!

THe GI doctor went well. They are doing a round of allergy tests to see if there is anything else he is allergic to. The first round is just blood tests, but if they come back negative, we are going to have to do the skin prick ones. If that comes back negative, they do a scope. So we hope it doesn't have to get that far. But we'll see. She said some kids only show the signs in their esophogus, so that is why if the blood tests don't show anything, we keep going. We are going to stay on the same meds he is on now for his reflux and ect., plus add one more. Not too bad of news. He is underweight, so we are going to be putting him on a new formula that is high calorie and better for him. We also saw a Pediatric Dietician today as well and she was wonderful and so helpful. We are going to actually be allowing him more bottles so he can get the calories he needs to get the weight up. She said right now he is not really getting his nutrition from his pureed food anyway, so letting him take as much formula as he wants is the better way to go. The only problem is that we can only get the formula online since it is not a common one... so you know that means more $$$!!! Sigh.. what else is new with Josh, huh? We are also going to be going back to see the GI doctor in December and he is going to be going to the Feeding Clinic at Primary's as soon as they get him in. I will just have to call the Dietician with bi-monthly weight updates and unless he starts to lose again we can see how he does. So it was not so bad this time around! The way they want me to feed him to get his weight up will take more time on my part, but whatever it takes to get it up, right?

He also had his lab work done which is NEVER a joy. The first arm didn't go so well with a blown vein, so he had to get poked on both sides. Needless to say he was quite upset and traumatized by the time we got to his EEG. So he was fussy and whining while they put all the probes on, but as soon as they were done and his head was wrapped up, I crawled into the hospital bed with him and fed him a bottle and he was out like a light. He did his 30 minutes just fine and we had to really work at it to get him awake for the end. But all in all he did amazing as usual! We should have all the results by next week, and we'll go from there. So let's hope that we can get all the info they need with the least amount of traumatizing events!


maidmarian4 said...

Poor Josh! :-S

Chan said...

Poor kid. I'm glad that you guys are getting some testing done so we can figure out what's wrong. I'm also glad that it all went pretty smoothly and most importantly that it is over!

Amy said...

I am sorry that poor Josh has to go through so much. I hope all goes well with the tests. Your family is always in our prayers. Love ya.

Allie said...

poor josh!! Poor Melissa, for having to watch him go through all of this!! I think about you often!