Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fieldtrip to the Pumpkin Patch

Jordan had a fieldtrip to a pumpkin patch today. He was so excited to get to spend time with mommy and 'no brothers!' It was a nice little break from the everyday stuff. He got to pick a pumpkin at the end and we came home and drew eyes on it. What a fun day!
This is the class walking around to find the 'magic pumpkin'. They loved it!

Jordan is listening to a pumpkin story about a very bumpy pumpkin.

The magic pumpkin had candy inside. They were so excited!

This is his preschool class and teacher, Miss Melodee.


nixon5 said...

How fun. He looked liked he was having the time of his life.

Tanya said...

How cute!!! I totally understand loving the one-on-one time, and I bet you didn't mind it much either! :) Looks like a great field trip!

Chan said...

What a fun fieldtrip for little kids! Jordan sounds excited still when you guys got home. He came right to me to show me his pumpkin!