Thursday, October 2, 2008

New things with Trevor and Josh

So we have had a couple of eventful days around here and I thought I would get an update posted now.

First of all we had our annual IEP (for those of you who don't know... an IEP is an Individual Education Plan, it's for special needs kids), meeting for Trevor yesterday. This is where we look at our goals from last year to see if he has met them and to set new goals depending on how he is doing. All in all, it was a pretty normal IEP meeting. But we did end up setting more goals than ever, and he now has an Occupational Therapist working with him on his Fine motor skills so he can get better at writing and drawing. He has never had to have a goal in the OT area, so that was a surprise to us. As he is getting older, more of his autism disabilities are coming out. He has a hard time understanding what is going on, and he get's off task constantly. So we may have to add a Behavioral Plan for him if it keeps up. But all in all, he is doing OK, but this is by far the hardest year for him yet. I hope he mellows out in the next month or so as he get's used to all the changes.

Now Josh had his 15 month checkup today... (yes I realize he is actually 16 months now). He saw a new Pediatrician today since I had to reschedule two weeks ago when he had a fever. Our Ped. office just got bought out and the new company added a new doctor. So we saw her today. He weighed in at 20lb 12oz which is what he weighed this week when his OT was here. That puts him in the 0% for weight. Right under the very bottom line. Sigh... about where we thought. His heighth though, was a surprise. At his 12m appt he was 31 inches tall and today he was 31 inches tall. So he has not grown in 4 months. So that was not a great sign to see. At his 12m appt he was in the 75th percentile... Today he is now in the 20th. So not a good sign. He is basically the same size now as 4 months ago. So it raises some red flags. This Ped. read what our regular one said about getting into a Pediatric Neurologist asap. So she is going to set up an MRI and anything else she can ahead of time and get us an appt now for that Dr. so when we go to the appt, the tests are already done. So we'll see when that will happen.

Now for some positive news... Josh is doing better at walking! He takes several steps at times before losing his balance and is very interested in being up. So other than his constant off-balancing thing he has going on, he would be walking well now. But we are so happy for any improvements we get at all with him!

So that is our latest family updates.... life is sure crazy some days!


Tanya said...

Well I am glad the new doc got some appts set for you so you can get a move on!! that would be so stressful. Good luck with little Josh and we'll keep you in our prayers.

I'm glad there is a plan in place for Trevor, at least. That is good to know that the school does at least work WITH you. Again, hoping for the best...

Chan said...

Did you like the new doctor then? Wow, Josh sure isn't climbing the charts is he? Poor kid can't cut a break. I hope those tests go well and that we can figure out why he is so behind, as well as why he has so many problems with the eating area. Good luck. i have also notices that Trevor isn't doing as well this year. I hope he adjusts soon.