Thursday, June 4, 2009


This weekend is the Air Show for Hill Air Force Base. Since there are both military and civilian acts in the show, we got to go to a little open house today at Ogden airport. Most of the little civilian planes flew in here yesterday to prepare for the Airshow. Since my dad works at Ogden airport, we found out about this little open house. I picked up Chantel and Parker and we went out to see the planes. Some were flying so the kids got to see that as well.

This is a couple of the airplanes inside the hanger.

My dad hard at work..... so this plane could take off and practice his show.

The boys.... and it took several shots to get at least one picture of each of them looking at the camera.

My nephew Parker. He decided since he was in the stroller anyway, he might as well take off his sandles. So funny!

Believe it or not... Trevor took this picture of Josh for me.

This is the B-52 that flew over the airport heading into Hill Air Force Base. It is an old plane, made back in the 50's. It was cool we happened to be there when it arrived.

And this is a couple more planes that will be performing. Trevor took this picture as well. He did a pretty good job of being a photographer!


Annie said...

My mom was telling me about the air show when she was here. It is awesome that your kids got to go see some of the planes! Mine would have loved it!

Amy said...

I swear I've seen the last airplane picture on this post. I think it is in the book we made for dad. I am glad you guys had fun and got to see some cool planes up close. Josh looks great without the tube in his nose.

Tanya said...

How fun! :) One day we won't be at camp and we'll get to take our kids....we took my siblings one year with half Burt's family....

Teri said...

My husband would be oh, so jealous!

Chantel and Brian said...

It was fun! Trevor actually took some good pics..good job buddy! It was nice having Dad there, he was able to talk to us and explain stuff.