Thursday, June 18, 2009

Updates and Tent Fun

Yesterday Scott set up our tent outside to make sure it was still in good condition before he takes Trevor and Jordan on the annual Father and Sons camping trip. The kids all enjoyed it, even Josh.

Don't mind Jordan's weird face.... he is into pulling faces for the camera.

And here is Trevor all wrapped up in the floor of the vestibule. He has not been camping since he was 14 months.... so this year will be quite the adventure!

Trevor has been having a good summer. He is being very good behavior wise, but that is because we have kept to a good schedule. He has been more clingy than usual and hiding in his blanket most of the day... every day.... but it's hard to adjust to the summer routine.
Jordan is doing good too. He is going through a bit of a rebellion stage so he has had many priveledges taken away, but seems to be finally getting better. He is a ball of energy and still talks all day long.
Josh is doing about the same. We are still trying to find him things he can eat and getting him to take food by mouth. He is not a big fan of eating at all right now, and has a big problem with 'holding'. That is when a child puts food in their mouth and just holds it inside before either swallowing or gagging. Josh had done this in the past, but never to this extent. He even holds his saliva and won't swallow it. So I called his OT with Primary Childrens' and took him in a week ago to get some help and to get him going there again (we took a break for 4 weeks from there). She did all eating therapy and at the end told me his progress is at a standstill and it doesn't warrent anymore visits with her. Well unless he makes some big progress. Can you believe it? I was floored. I thought that was what therapy was for..... to help him with is feeding issues!! So after some frustration, sadness and tears... I decided I am done with her. The end. I called up the OT through Early Intervention that has been working with Josh since he was 6 months and told her that we are in need of help with the feeding again and I was done with the other OT. She was shocked that happened. She said he is clearly struggling with something and she can't believe that other OT would abandon him right now. He is recovering from surgery and needs some additional support. And once again I felt better and thanked Lynda for the millionth time for taking such a vested interest in Josh.
So that is about it in a nutshell. Once again we are so thankful for those therapists that have been with us the last 18 months. They are all amazing therapists and we are grateful to have them.
If we make any huge breakthroughs I will post some pictures... after I do a happy dance of course!!


Tanya said...

Seriously. Still upset about that happeneing to you. Wish I would have been around to know...SORRY!!!
I am glad you have a good OT to help him!!!
The boys look like the tent was a blast! :) I'm so glad!

Annie said...

I bet you are looking forward to the camp out too! What will you do with out so many boys in the house?

nixon5 said...

Im so glad the boys get to go camping with their dads its so great for all of them. Love the tent pictures

Jessica said...

That looks like so much fun! Now I wanna go camping. It will be so quiet at your house, what will you do?.... Oh! I know, maybe get some sleep??? well, try to anyways.

Christensen Clan said...

Getting ready for the father and sons is all we talk about lately. Glad to see your boys share in the excitement. Girl time is great too. Hopefully Caiti and I can see you while we are in town. Your old OT needs to take a class in bedside manner,I'm glad you had someone else to turn to.