Saturday, June 6, 2009

Birthday party!!

Two posts today! We have been busy!

Anyway, today we had a birthday party for Josh and my cousin Kendra.. who turned the big 12. Unfortunatly due to the fact that I had dead batteries in my camera, I didn't get any pictures of Kendra.

We all met early and walked over to the park to watch the Thunderbirds perform at HAFB airshow. Then we came back and had a yummy BBQ.

And here is pictures of Josh actually opening up presents for the first time! Yea for Josh!!!

And here is his lovely dairy, egg and soy free cake. Yum-yum! He liked it and ate some of it. He did very well.


Amy said...

I'm sorry but that cake doesn't really look all that yummy. I am glad that he had a good birthday party and actually opened some presents. Go Josh! A can't believe he is 2 either or that Kendra is 12! Wow!

Jessica said...

haha, that first comment is funny. My fave part about a childs Bday is the opening of the presents. Im glad Josh & his cousin had a blast.

Alice said...

Happy Birthday Josh!