Friday, June 12, 2009

A Change of Pace......

Today I babysat my nephew and niece for the day. It was alot of fun, and a change of pace for once. Usually I am doing all sorts of things for Josh... like therapy, feedings, phone calls, exercises, ect. So to have the kids come and take a day to just play was nice. My wonderful sister-in-law also sent a crib for Josh. His broke a month or so ago and he has been sleeping in the playpen since. Raeanne had an extra crib so I got that set up today as well. Thanks Raeanne!

Anyway, a few weeks ago my sister-in-law took my niece Aliyah to have her hair done at a place here in Riverdale that specializes in her type of hair. I just had to get some cute pictures of her new look, and then some of the kids as well. Josh is MIA in these because he was asleep.

Here is a before picture of Aliyah. Her hair was pulled up in Poms all the time since it was a very long process to do anything else to it. I was amazed how much Raeanne had to go through each week!

And here she is now! She had the braids done and some extensions put in as well. I just love it to pieces!!! She is sooo adorable anyway, but now she looks more grown up. So cute!!!!

And of course the boys wanted in on picture-taking time. So they goofed off for me. They were so hilarious!

Aren't they all just cute? And they are all so much fun. It's great to have something new to do get my mind of some of the stressful in's and out's of my everyday life. And we love having them come anyway, so it's a double bonus!


Amy said...

Wow, your neices hair looks darling. She has always looked cute the few times I have seen her. I'm glad you got to forget about the everyday running around and was able to play with all the kids. Cute pictures!

Tanya said...

how pretty! :)
Looks like fun! Hope you guys have a great time this summer!

Allie said...

I like the before picture too, she is a cute girl.

Kendell said...

I always like to look at your family pictures! It's even more fun when we can see the cousins too!