Friday, March 12, 2010

Birthdays and Changes

I haven't done a post on Jordan's birthday because we haven't done his birthday parties yet. But since we did an inpromtu party the night of his birthday with Scott's parents.... I have a couple pictures.

First though, is this picture of Trevor. He went on a field trip last week to McKay Dee Hospital. He was really excited about it and came home with a bag of hospital gear. He put it all on and was telling us if we were OK or not. I was surprised he would wear it since he has so many sensory issues. But here he is! Sorry the picture is so dark... Scott took it so I don't know what happened.

And... the birthday boy. He is a whole 6 years old now! I still can't believe how fast he has grown and how old he is already. He had a good birthday with a pizza party and a couple presents from Grandma and Grandpa.

Now these couple pictures of Josh are so amazing. It was about 730 at night and Scott and I were trying to get the kids to clean their room, do reading and get ready for bed. Josh had been bathed already and was just running around the house waiting for his time for bed. I had been yelling into the kids room from the kitchen to clean up the toys. I started to hear the sound of Josh's toys hitting the toys bins... but figured it was Scott cleaning up his toys. A couple minutes later I walked into the living room and found Josh cleaning up his toys!!! I had to document it since he usually requires Scott and I to sit with him and help him. What a sweet boy!!

Now, a couple of posts ago I mentioned one of my favorite sayings. I said I wanted to somehow put it in Josh's room. I did it yesterday and wanted to show you how fun and easy it ended up being. The whole project (including wood and paint) was only 15$. I think I am a good bargain shopper!!

And this is where I hung it in his room.

And my last project of yesterday was elevating Josh's bed. He now sleeps consistently on his pillow (or really close) and his head at the same end of the bed. So I finally was able to do this. I just put some foam pad under that end of the mattress. I am really hoping it helps. He has been having some sleeping issues, both night and naps, and I think it is some breakthrough reflux for some reason. So I did this last night and he did sleep better last night. I don't know if it's a fluke or not yet. But I hope!! Also he has been puking around 10:30-10:45 am every morning for the last 5 days now. Just formula comes up. I have not done anything new or changed anything in our routine so that is why I think he is having some breakthrough reflux. I hope it gets better soon.

Just a close-up on the end I elevated.

I will post more pictures in a couple days when we do birthday parties.


Deb and Spence said...

I love when they start cleaning up! It makes me feel so accomplished. Where did you get the letters and stuff for 15? That's an awesome bargain! It looks like Trevor had a blast at the hospital with all the gear.

Jessica said...

make me one, make me one! I love it! Can't wait to see you tomorrow! And still more ideas from you!!!

Annie said...

I liked the hospital wear!
Go Josh. Can he come train my boys!
I love the sign. I have a whole house to decorate and I don't know where to even begin. Wish you lived closer maybe you could give me ideas!

Amy said...

Wow that is quite good yet surprising that Josh helped clean up. He is starting to make progress in more areas. I can't believe Jordan is 6 already. I hope you got the card from us. I hope he had a fun birthday. Dad told me you had a party for him on Saturday. It makes me sad to think of everything we are missing. Happy Birthday Jordan!!