Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Truthful Tuesdays (oops... or wednesday!)

I ran out of time for Truthful Tuesday last night. It was crazy. The end.

Today for Truthful Tuesday I am going to talk about my feelings on raising two special needs kids.

It's hard. Are you surprised? Some days I just want to hide and pretend everything is fine. Not everyday is like that.... just some days. I know we all have good and bad days. I don't think that for the most part I do anything more than any other mom's do, it's just different. Then there are times as I am sitting at the hospital for a dr. appt, test or whatever it may be... and I realize this. Some mom's DON'T know what this is like. Not every mom has spent hours and hours and hours at dr appts, hospital stays, therapy visits. ect. And there are times when I am sitting in a waiting room wishing I was somewhere else. Wishing I was home. Wishing that Josh was not having to go to yet another appt. Just wishing life was not so hard for him.

Do you know what gets me through? Josh. He is amazing. I know I have said that a few times, but I just wish you could see how special this little guy is. He rarely cries while we are doing all these appts and tests. And remember we have to travel an hour to Primary Children's Medical Center. So he has already had to be confined in his carseat for an hour every time we go. Then he is loaded into a stroller where I load his medical bag, his feeding pump backpack and the endless supply of cars we take everywhere. Then it takes another 10 minutes to get to the dr office, clinic, lab ect we are heading for. He then has to sit in his stroller in the waiting room until we get called back. I keep him in the stroller so he doesn't touch all the things many other kids have touched to try to keep him well. I do let him out in the exam rooms, but they are good at sanitizing them. He rarely cries during the time we are in the exam rooms and just plays. Then anywhere from 30-60 minutes later when we finally are done with whatever appt we have, I have to get him dressed, reload everything into the stroller and walk out. Then we have the hour drive home. And that is if we only have one appointment that day. I try to do multiple appts at once if needed to save more trips down to PCMC.

I do almost all these appointments alone. Just me and Josh. Scott is always working now, and I find babysitters for Jordan and Trevor if needed. (It usually is.. LOL) I do like getting to spend time with Josh one-on-one... just wish it was for a different reason. He is such a good kid and I can't wait to see what it in store for him for the future.

I have many more thoughts on this subject, but this is all I can share right now. It's not an easy subject for me to talk about so be patient!


Tanya said...

But I am glad you were ready to share this much.
I'm also glad he's happy with cars and that works for you. :)

Lori said...

I'm grateful Josh is such a delightful little boy. It makes an already hard situation a little bit more manageable.

On our last date Van and I were talking about how tiring it is to have special needs kids... and how we thought it'd get easier as they got older. Now WE'RE just older and even more tired. (haha) I think our group of special needs parents should go on a cruise...ahhh...sounds divine.