Sunday, March 28, 2010

Slacking at Blogging

This is what happens when I become a blogger slacker..... I have to do a big catch-up post. I have intended all week to have this done... and then I just kept getting busy. So here is the last few days and what is going on on our house.

We had a combo birthday party for Trevor and Jordan with Scott's side of the family. I decided to combine birthdays this year since Trevor is being baptized on May 1st and we'll be doing something special for that.

So here is the cake for the party. They always want me to take pictures of the cake. Makes me laugh!

Opening presents with Trevor. Now that they are older they just go to town and rip them open so fast I can't keep up!

And Jordan. For those of you who spend time with him know that he has been BEGGING for a Betta Fish since last september. He was asking for one for christmas and then again for his birthday. So Scott told him one day (as a joke) to ask his aunt Allyson. She told him yes. He was elated!!! So here he is opening presents trying to find his fish.

And now we can introduce Jordan's Betta fish, Ethan, to the world. He sits on a stool all the time and just watches him swim. I am not sure why this has been so exciting for him, but he is soo happy to have his fish.

Now onto our newest activities. Soccer! The kids have never played before and so it has been a whole new experience for us to be a sports family. (as if I didn't' have enough going on.. LOL) Their first game was this past monday. It was a very cold, rainy/snowy day. I was not sure how well it was going to go since the weather was awful. But both kids LOVED it and both scored goals their first game!
Poor Josh was freezing and stuck in the stroller. I hated taking him out in the weather, but I really wanted to see their first game. All in all it was OK, but I really hope we don't have weather that bad for anymore games.

Now enjoy some pictures!!!

Next up??? Baseball and Tee-ball for May and June. I am crazy I tell ya!


Chantel and Brian said...

Way to go boys! So did Jordan pick the fish's name himself? I love the pics! How fun!

Tanya said...

oh how fun!!! Crazy is right, but at least they're having fun! hee hee hee!
Looks like a great birthday. Just show those to Trevor next week.. LOL!

Deb and Spence said...

Sports always take up so much time, but ya gotta love em! I hope the weather's better for you too. It's so funny that he had a specific fish he wanted. That's awesome! I bet he is seriously in seventh heaven!

Scilley Family said...

That is so fun. I can't wait to get my boys involved in sports.

Annie said...

Oh man welcome to the fish world. Hopefully Jordan will like his fish for longer than Alex did! I can't believe Trevor is almost 8 and ready to get babptized. It makes me feel old! The sports thing is fun. Are they on different teams? We start baseball soon here and my boys are so excited. Happy birthday to both boys!