Sunday, August 15, 2010

What we have been doing....

***Warning: May be a long post!******

I have been meaning to get this post done for about three days... but finally took the pictures and got it up tonight.

Here is some things that have been going on in our house.

First, we got a new Fish Tank. We had a 1.5 gallon tank with one fish in it. The pump/filter stopped working. Scott and I debated on whether to buy a 12 dollar pump for a 15 dollar fish tank for a few days. Finally we decided since Josh loves

fish so much, we upgraded to a 10 gallon tank and got more fish. Needless to say it has has been a hit and we see the 'fish' sign hundreds of times a day. It's been kinda fun for Scott and I. We have had to learn things about actual fish tanks, since they are much more involved than a tiny 1 gallon tank. But we are happy with it and it's been worth it.

So here is our tank. We have a Zebra Fish, 2 Red-Tailed Guppies, 3 Yellow Guppies and a Sucker Fish (Plecostamus).

This picture is blurry, but I was trying to get a picture of some of the fish. It's like taking pictures of kids... they never stop moving. LOL!

And now... the even bigger projects I have been doing.

After my last ultrasound that confirmed we were indeed having a girl, I have gotten started on the preparations. Both my sisters, Amy and Chantel, were so amazingly nice to offer me their baby clothes. Since we had to buy so many big items, I was willing to take all the help I could get. The clothes are adorable and I have had so much fun getting them ready. Here is what we have going on so far:

Here is her crib. The bedding is from my cousin, who lives in Kansas by the way. She shipped it out with her parents a few weeks ago and it made it's way to me. I was so excited to have it since it saved me lot's of money. Scott loves it alot since it's not pink. LOL.

Since Kaitlyn doesn't have a bedroom yet, her clothes are having to go into storage drawers. Good thing she won't care. Here is one with just newborn and 0-3 month size clothes.

Here is the drawers on the changing table that have onesies, hats and little things like that.

One more drawer cart that has burp cloths, socks and adorable shoes.

And here is Scott's amazing solution. I was trying to think of a way to not have to use the drawers in the changing table for things like diapers, wipes, lotion, ect. Since space for her stuff is at a premium. As we were wondering through the store a few nights ago, he went into a different aisle and came back with this to hang on the side of the changing table. Wahoo!!! Problem solved. Thanks Scott... you are helping me sooo much.

I bought her carseat last month, but just bought a cute pink carseat cover to keep her warm and dry when she is born. SO much fun!!! And here is also the bouncer that my friend Melissa gave to us. It's adorable as well.

And lastly... the swing. We can't survive without one of those! My friend Melissa gave that to me as well. She bought it for her son who hated it and so it didn't get used much. I am sure we will change that.

So between getting going on the baby stuff, getting ready for school... it has been absolutely crazy!!!

The week I had a dentist appt that did not go great and so I am looking at multiple appointments to solve the problem. I am very sore, but I had so much to get done I had a hard time finishing everything.

Trevor and Jordan's bedroom has been completely de-junked and all their too small clothes are finally packed away. Their school uniforms are washed and hanging in their closets. It was a half day project, but is DONE!!

Today was Josh's room. I bagged up two kitchen garbage bags full of clothes that are too small for him. My baby is getting so big!!!! I can't believe he has grown out of so many clothes. Granted a lot of them were 18 mos size and he is 3 after all. But I have bought him some new clothes for preschool this fall and I got those all ready to go.

So I think we are officially ready for school to start on the 25th. I am excited and can't wait to get back into the routine of it. I know it's going to be a tough year with the kids going to a new school, me being pregnant, soccer starting soon, and ect. But I am ready for it and the kids really need it. We will be fitting in weekly therapy for Trevor and Josh, Scouts, and endless dr. appt (for me and Josh). But I think it will just make the pregnancy go by that much faster. Wish me luck in surviving it all!!


Deb and Spence said...

What a crazy life! I love getting things ready for the baby. I like the organizer for hanging off the crib. That'll be so useful. I always love the feeling of starting a new school year and it's even better when you're all ready and can enjoy the last bits of summer. Lizzie would love that fish tank! It looks so great!

Tanya said...

I love that you're having so much fun with your projects. but that is NOT taking it easy!!! :) I know, I hate it too. Looks like tons of fun tho, and keeping you very busy. Good luck!!!

Chantel and Brian said...

Your doing a good job on the storage problems with Kaitlyn's stuff and her not having a room. Awesome that you finished all of those projects around the house. I'm glad that you'll be kept busy so you won't have much time to think about how you wish it were over ( :

Miracles Happen said...

So apparently you aren't on my "list" like I thought and wondered why I hadn't heard anything... So...

I can't believe you are having a BABY!! I am OH so Jealous ( in a good way!) and can't wait to be joining you ( we HOPE) soon!

I am SUPER jealous it is a GIRL!! I love the pink stuff and hope that it all gets better fast. I am putting you on my list ( again!) and can't wait for more updates!!

Teri said...

So glad the bedding finally made it to you. I do have a TON of clothes too. So, if we have room when we drive out to Utah in October, I will bring them too. You can never have too many clothes for little girls!!

Amy said...

I hope you are able to use the clothes. We can't wait to meet her and I hope that your pregnancy is going better. I love how you have been able to make things work with having Kaitlyn in your room. You never cease to amaze me what you can do.

Annie said...

Looks like you are all ready for a baby How fun. I am so excited for you! Love the fish tanks too! I bet your boys love them!

Lindsie and Josh said...

Yeah a GIRL!!! Im so excited for you!