Monday, August 30, 2010

How we survived

Well the first week of school has come and gone.... even if it was only 3 days long...... and we survived! LOL!

Trevor did very well with all the new changes. Things still are not totally in place for him, but he is still doing better than I thought. He has a great teacher though, and I am utterly thrilled!!! He really likes her and says there are some funny kids in his class. That is about as positive as you can get with him. I hope in the next couple weeks we can get everything with his IEP in place and I can breathe a sigh of relief.

Jordan is doing good too. His biggest complaint? School is too long. LOL! I warned him that it's not anything like Kindergarten, but I think he had no idea what I was talking about until now. He is going to do fine though. He has already invited a friend from school to go Duck Hunting with him. I am not worried about him at all.

Josh. What to say about this one? He did awesome!! He loves school and even though he has only gone once last week and now today, his teacher said he was so good. The only thing she keeps saying to me is that he goes 110 mph and she has no idea how we keep up with him all the time. I told her I wonder that too. I wish she could see how much different he is now than he was a few months ago. If she only knew how lethargic and the lack of energy he has had in the past, she would be thrilled for us too. Sometimes I just wish people could see how much support it takes to keep him going. If they saw the 6 big boxes of supplies that come from Apria HealthCare every month, or the 6-8 times a month I go to the pharmacy every month to fill his meds, or even see 4 baskets lined on my counter for the 4 times a day he has to have meds, or the amount of bottles of formula I still make, or the stressing I go through daily counting calories for him....... and that is just to start with. He takes alot of behind the scenes support to keep him well and doing as good as he is. And we know all too well if any of this stuff slips, so does he. I am very happy that he is doing well, don't get me wrong. It's just sometimes it can be exhausting.

Now onto Scott.... he is finally getting better. He has been pretty sick for the last week and it's been hard on all of us. He has not felt well enough to play with the kids, or help me out much. So it is sooo good to have him back. I missed him!

And now for me and the pregnancy. I had another Endocrinology appt last friday. My fasting blood sugars are still high and it's liver related. Before he upps my insulin again I am doing a couple things at night to try and trick my liver. So far though, it hasn't helped. I might have to have some liver testing done soon. I have been having contractions as well. I think (well really hope) it was just because I was doing so much and going 100 mph last week. Scott wasn't able to help me so I was incredibly busy. I had to take Josh to school, take the kids to school, pick up the kids from school, do homework, lunches, bedtime routine, meds, ect. So I am looking forward to this week with Scott feeling better and able to do alot more. I am driving a carpool so I am adjusting my daily schedule to accommodate everything I have going on. My kids get picked up mon-thursday, Josh rides the bus mon, tues and thursday to school. I pick up the kids from school mon-thursday and then I take them on friday mornings as well as Josh. It is taking some time to get used to the carpooling schedule, but I am very happy with it and it is going to work great. I just hope that with what happened this weekend, I will be able to drive the carpool up until the baby comes. We'll have to see about that. I have an OB appt this thursday so if I can make it until then without having some bad contractions, I will see what she thinks, or if she is going to make me start taking meds. I just wanted everything to go very smoothly. Is it too much to ask??

So that is how our week went. I am so happy to have some time to just relax now that they are back in school and I know in the next coming weeks, things will just keep getting smoother. It's always rough to adjust to a new school year. I will keep the blog updated though!


Tanya said...

I am glad too, that you will have some time to relax before the baby comes! it makes a difference! :) And I am so glad school is going well for all of your boys! Hooray!

Deb and Spence said...

The first week is always crazy. Carpooling should make things easier though. I'm glad Scott's feeling better so you can relax a bit more and take care of yourself.

Lori said...

that sounds like an insane schedule. i'm glad you have time to yourself during the day- you deserve it! you're a GREAT mom

Chantel and Brian said...

Slow down sister. Keep that baby cooking. I'm glad you get to carpool and not have to take the kids all the time. Yea for Trevor and Josh doing well in school. Jordan's comment doesn't surprise me one bit. He is so busy all the time.

Brittany said...

I am exhausted just reading it. Take care of yourself. Let others help if you can.

Jessica said...

Oh man you are amazing! I want to hear more about Josh and school, I will call you later and get the 411! Melissa SLOW down! If you need help give me a ring!!!