Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jordan's Preschool Program

Jordan had a preschool program tonight. He sang some songs and got his yearbook. He has been waiting for two weeks for this night. And he was such a little performer. Who knew??

This is Jordan and his best friend Roman waiting for the program to start. These two are so cute together!
They were singing a song about standing on one leg. Jordan has been practicing for a week so he could do it the best, he said. He did a really good job!

And here is Jordan and Roman. They love to play together and get along so well. Thank goodness for Lorina and I!!! Jordan has come out of his shell so much since starting preschool and having Roman as a friend. We love Roman to death!! They will get to play together alot this summer as well, which will make life easier!


nixon5 said...

melissa this is ann. That is cute to see the preschool pictures. How fun. Sorry we have had a blog for about 9 months now here is the link if you want it.

Tanya said...

He is such a cutie! Looks like lots of fun!

Chan said...

How cute! Looks like he had lots of fun! It's so good for little boys to have someone to get into trouble with! Hehe.