Tuesday, May 27, 2008

And the Injuries continue

As if we haven't had enough injuries and trauma around here.....we added another tonight. I was at the store with Trevor and Jordan getting Josh's reflux meds tonight. Jordan wanted to ride in the back of the cart, and since we didn't have much to get, I let him, against my better judgement. He knows he has to sit if he is back there, and he was doing a good job. I was getting some milk and as I turned back, saw him stand up, and before I could say anything... out he went. He fell straight back on his head on the cement floor. It was not pretty. I was pretty much done with the stuff we needed, so I headed for the register then. He was whining... and kinda out of it. The back of his head was swollen and bruised. We checked out, and I got out of there. The whole time I was trying to hurry, he was pale and kept looking like he was going to fall asleep. It was very worrisome. We got home and I finally called my mom to see what she thought. I checked his pupils and stuff, but he was still acting so weird for him. Then as I was holding him a few minutes later, he threw up. I kept checking him again and he would still rouse a little when I tried and his pupils were still OK. So we'll see how the next few hours go. My mom said if he doesn't have any of the trauma head injury signs by midnight, we are probably OK.

So I took a few pictures of him after he fell asleep in his rocking chair. I'll keep ya updated on how he is doing.

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Tanya said...

Oh my word, keep them all in a rubber room of their own and maybe THEN no one will get hurt! I'm so sorry!