Thursday, May 29, 2008

Gracie's new home

Since I have not posted any new pictures of Gracie in a long time, and I wanted to show how big she has gotten, I thought now would be a good time. We got her a new kennel yesterday so she can be upstairs again with us. She has been in the basement with an exersize pen, since we did our floors. When we can't watch her, she has to be confined since she is a little naughty.

She actually really likes this kennel, she automatically goes in when we bring her in the house. I think she likes how open it is compared to the other one, and she likes that Josh puts his hands in there for her to lick. Josh is completely in love with the dog. We have decided his first word is probably going to be dog. He says this gog sound everytime he sees her. It's cute to see.
And an update on Jordan real quick.... he is doing better. He had a rough night tuesday night with his head concussion, and had a bad headache lingering yesterday. He threw up again in the van when we went to Petsmart. But by about noon yesterday he perked up and seems to be fine today. That was a close call and I hope we NEVER have anything like that again. (knock on wood!) Oh the joys that kids bring us! :o)


nixon5 said...

i cant believe your dog. He is so big and looks so different than the last picture I seen of him.
How fun.

Tanya said...

Look at you- 7 posts this month! Hooray! So nice to know the details on your lives!
And good for Jordan, glad to hear it!

Allie said...

Im glad Jordan is doing better. How scary!

We bought the same kennel for zoey and rosco to share.