Friday, May 9, 2008

Trevor's School Program

Can you believe I have been able to do two posts today??

Here is Trevor today at his end of the year program for school. He had been talking about this all month, but was disappointed to find out Scott had to work and couldn't come.

I don't think he was happy about the whole butterfly on his head, but I was surprised he cooperated! It's kinda cute.... don't ya think?
This isn't a great pictures, but I had to videotape it the pictures were done in a huge hurry!

This is Trevor's bus driver Tad, and the aid Jan. He would not have ever ridden the bus if not for Tad. We get a daily report of the fun things Tad and Jan do with Trevor and sometimes it feels like they are part of our family as well! LOL! They even know Jordan by name and leave him treats on all the holidays too. So of course we had to have a picture with the famous Tad and Jan.
The program went well and he did very good. He was pretty shell-shocked at first, but was attempting to sing by the end. It was so cute and lot's of fun! I was very impressed with how well he handled it. He has had a rough night since then, but you win some, you lose some.


Tanya said...

Sounds like he has a great bus driver. That's a good thing.
Yes, the butterfly on the head is adorable. He's a cute boy! I'm glad he did well!!
I hope so bad that Burt can make it to Hunter's program, I don't have a way to videotape it! :(

Chan said...

Way to go Trevor! I loved the program and was so proud to see that not only was trevor not yelling at the kid next to him to be quiet, but he also sang along! It was adorable, and I am SO glad I was able to make it.