Sunday, June 29, 2008

And we are off to another Doctor with Josh

Just as soon as we get through with one doctor, we are going back to another! Can anyone see a bad pattern developing here?

So Josh had his tubes on March 31st. He had another ear infection two weeks later (in April)while healing from the surgery. Then he had another one in May from a cold he caught. Then I took him in June 9th for yet another ear infection, and this time he didn't even have a cold! On June 19th he had his 12m appt and his pediatrician looked at his ears and said they looked clear and wonderful. So guess what? It's June 29th and I had to take him back in again yesterday to the after hours clinic. Diagnosis? Another double ear infection and one eardrum has possible ruptured. One ear has a blocked tube, the other is partially blocked. So we were only off the antibiotics 10 days and we are back on them again. So I am calling the Ear, nose and Throat specialist on monday morning to get him in asap. This can't go on like this anymore! He is miserable, I don't get any sleep and we are paying on an expensive medical bill from the hospital and it hasn't helped at all! I don't know what else they can do, but something has to happen! I do feel bad for not getting him in any earlier than I did. He had a fever for four days, but I kinda thought it might be from the shots he had at his checkup last week. I feel guilty for waiting so long to get him in. Sigh..... we will see what the E,N,T doctor says now. Poor little guy!


nixon5 said...

Yuck sorry. I hate ear infections you never know how long to wait until you take them in, we all have waited too long. Good luck with them.

Tanya said...

Oh man! I am so sorry for all of you!
I would think the fever was from the shots too!

Allie said...

poor guy! Im sorry he is having NO LUCK at ALL!!!

Brittany said...

Sorry about all of this. That is got to be really tough. Give him a hug from us