Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I had a couple pictures in my camera and thought I better get them downloaded. But then I had to share them!!

This first picture is Josh a couple nights ago. Jordan has a friend named Roman, who came to play and brought newspaper hats for the kids. Josh was very mesmerized by the whole thing and so we had to get a picture.

Today my mom also took me shopping for my birthday. It was a wonderful break from everything and I got some fun stuff too. After we were done shopping, my mom came back and stayed with the kids (minus Trevor, he was in school) while Scott and I went to a very belated birthday lunch. It was fabulous! Thanks mom!!!

We recently got Mario Kart for our Wii and we made my mom play today. It was sooo funny watching her play! She was laughing so much and made us laugh really hard. She did good and beat both Trevor and Jordan. Way to go Mom!!!

Sorry it's not the best quality pictures, Scott was being sneaky about taking them. Plus they weren't holding still either. Thanks for a wonderful day mom!


Tanya said...

How fun! And YEAY that you got to celebrate your birthday! I'm so happy for you! You needed the break and it sounds like it was good. Hooray!

Chan said...

I'm impressed that mom played and won! Yea Mom! SHe looks like she enjoyed it. Im glad you got to shop too!

Heidi said...

It is nice to do fun things with your mom. It is also super nice to get to do things with your husband and no kids. I love the Wii our family plays it together quite often.

Desiree and Lars said...

How sweet is your mom to do that. And I can so imagine her laughing while playing that game. We just bought a Wii and I can't wait to make my mom try it when she is out next. It'll be funny to watch. :)

nixon5 said...

Love the pictures of your mom playing that is too funny.
The hat is cute too.