Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jordan loves attention

Since my last post was a little update on our family, I thought I better catch you up. First of all, for those of you who read about Trevor having his first talk in Primary today..... he refused to do it. Thank goodness I planned ahead and had Jordan practice it (without Trevor's knowledge) since he ended up doing both the scripture and prayer. He did an awesome job. That kid could talk all day long in the microphone.

And next... we are going to do some home improvements in the next couple weeks. It all started with replacing blinds that are ready to snap any day now, and has ended with repainting the whole living room/kitchen area as well. I have wanted to repaint for awhile now, but thought it would cost alot more than it will (yes I am not very keen on projects like that). My uncle Mike used to do painting for a living and so he came today to help us figure out how much paint we need, ect to get going. So I may seem to disappear for awhile in the coming weeks. It is going to take alot of time to do it. But I am sooo excited to get going!


Amy said...

That sounds like fun! Well not the actual project but the outcome. Please post some pictures when it is done. And I can see it in person when I am there in March! Oh and good job Jordan!

Chan said...

Yea for Jordan stepping up to the plate! I'll watch Josh when you need it for painting. And I'm sure Bri would help if you painted on a Saturday...which of course you prob won't since Scott works Saturday's.

Lori said...

oh i love painting! it's a total pain doing it when it's done it's splendid. good luck with it! take before and after pictures and post them for us. :)

Allie said...

take some before and afters!!
I cant wait to see!