Sunday, January 18, 2009

A little late....

I am really late at posting this, but I still wanted to get it on here. My nephew Parker, turned 2 on January 8th. He is such a cutie and so fun! He is getting so big! It's hard to believe his is 2 already!
Happy belated birthday Parker!

Just a little catch up for our family as well.

It's been a busy week, but very productive. Josh had his two tests done and now we think (knock on wood) that things will calm down in that area. We are currently transitioning him to thin fluids, but it's going to take longer than I thought. He drank some water today in nursery and had a marshmellow in his mouth (I didn't know this at the time) and choked. He threw up on the table, freaking out our new nursery leader, it was lovely. So we need to keep a real close eye on that. But we'll work at it and see how things go.

Trevor has been sick this past week, but is feeling better now. He is supposed to give his first talk in primary next week, so we'll see how well that goes. Up until now Jordan has usually done things assigned to Trevor because he won't. But he says he will this time. Here's to hoping!

Jordan is doing great too. He has been a bundle of energy lately! He spent some time this past friday with my mom and ended up going to a hair appointment with her. That is something I would never attempt with him. But he was an angel and kept the entire salon entertained. That's my boy! What a flirt! He is so excited to get back to school since it has been a long weekend for us with the holiday.

Other than that we are just chuggin along, doing good. Hope everything is well with you!


Amy said...

I am glad the tests when as well as they did. It will just take practice. I am working with Ryan to eat textured foods. He has made progress so I know it's working. It looks like you and Parker had a great birthday party.

Heidi said...

Sounds like things are going good for you and your family. I wish you luck on Trevor's talk.