Friday, January 2, 2009

The things my kids say....

My kids have both had a funny moment today, so I thought if you needed a laugh... this would be a good place to get them.

This first one is the conversation I had with Jordan today while I was bathing the boys. I was actually scrubbing their hair and dumping water on their heads at the time.

Jordan: Mom you scared me outa the crap with the water. If I were you I wouldn't do that again.

Me: Scared you outa the crap?

Jordan: Yep.. that means it was really scary.

Aahh, isn't it cute??

Then tonight I was tucking Trevor in bed. Currently he has this huge bear rug of mine, from when I was little, on his bed. You know the kind with a big head? Ya one of those.

Me: Get good sleeps tonight since you will be at Chan's house tomorrow.

Trevor: Um, mom I have a problem.

Me: What...??

Trevor: That bear is looking at me. Can you please turn his head to the other side of the bed, it's making me scared.

Me: (laughing) Yea I can... I didn't know it was scaring you.

Trevor: Only when I go to sleep and it looks at me.

Aren't kids funny sometimes? Mine sure make me laugh alot.


Tanya said...

Oh yes, I am laughing! Crazy boys!
And how funny becuaes I am going to post two funnies if I ever get a second...

Heidi said...

Those are such cute stories. I love kids and their perspectives on things. Carter watches all the "big kids" at our house and he tries to do what they do and most of the time it comes out just a little off. I love it.

nixon5 said...

very cute! made me laugh