Monday, January 5, 2009

Spoke too soon...

So I spoke too soon in my last post. I was really looking forward to a good start of our first week back from Christmas break, and it ended up being one of those days... you know when you wonder why you got out of bed?

It snowed today here so the roads were not great when I had to take and pick up Jordan from preschool. Josh is still fighting a cold and I hated taking him out when it was so cold. Then Josh had Physical Therapy this morning and he fell down some stairs. We are currently working on climbing stairs now...and I don't think I need to say that it didn't go as planned. He only fell down 2 stairs and his therapist caught him, but it was enough to upset him.

Then this afternoon he was walking around, following Jordan, having a fun time, and he fell (I know, what else is new with a kid with balance probs?), and managed to hit the couch and put his tooth all the way through his bottom lip. He bled forever. Jordan was freaking out telling me to stop the blood or he was going to die (can we say Drama Queen?) and not making it any better. So I decided to get a picture and show how our week is starting out. Fun, huh?

I finally took some pictures of Josh with his DAFO braces on. Since I forget that not everyone has become fluent in medical speak.. as I call it.... the DAFO braces are for his toe walking and ankle turning. DAFO stands for Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthoses. He is doing great with them and although he still falls alot, he is more stable on his feet.

In the picture you can only see the blue part of the brace. There is an inner white part that is almost up to the top of his sock. The blue part is like an outer brace that stablizes it even more.


Chan said...

I'm sorry you had a bad day! Poor josh, that looks painful! Even I have only seen Jsoh's brace through socks, so thanks for posting pictures. By the way, wouldn't jordan be a drama king, not queen ( ;

Tanya said...

oh my goodness! I know it was sooo dang cold! :P I'm sorry you had such a day! *HUGS*
And thanks for translating his braces. :)

Amy said...

That poor Josh is always having something happening to him. I hope that things start looking up a little bit for his sake. I hope the braces are making a difference with his feet. We are praying for you guys.

Lori said...

ahh man. boo. i'm glad lisa grabbed him.

thanks for posting pics of the DAFO's.