Saturday, October 24, 2009

NICU Reunion 2009

Today was the NICU Reunion. They did a Pirate themed Halloween party. Since two of my three boys were NICU babies, we try to go. Josh was not too thrilled over the whole thing... it's been a sensory over-stimulation day for him.

My camera takes crappy pictures, but I was trying to get one of the whole room and how cute it was. There were alot of people there.

At least we finally found something Josh would settle down for. Too bad it is on his 'no-no' list because it has soy in it. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Now onto some other news. We FINALLY have Josh's sleep study down at Primary Children's scheduled!! It is going to be on Nov 4-5. It will also be a full EEG as well... so that is going to make for an interesting night.
And in other news.....we are officially going in hiding for the winter. With all the H1N1 going around and the fact that we aren't sure about Josh having the vaccine (cuz of his egg allergy) and the fact that you can't find any vaccine's around here now, we are buckling up for a isolated winter. We welcome anyone to come see us, but if you have been sick or anyone in your house is sick... please wait. We want to keep this flu season very uneventful! LOL!


Amy said...

That is great that the NICU even has a reunion. At least Jordan got a kick out of it. I hope you guys have an uneventful winter too. My kids finally got their flu shots and Kyrie got the nasal mist H1N1 vaccine too. Good luck in staying healthy!!

Deb and Spence said...

Good idea to keep everyone healthy with Josh! It looks like it was a lot of fun. I didn't know they did reunions for NICUs but its awesome.

Jessica said...

How fun! Did you guys see any of the nurses or docs that helped out? I am so happy to hear you finally have a date the countdown begins! I am glad that soon you will have some answers and at least a direction to follow...hopefully! We to are now stuck inside...boreing huh? good thing we have our blogs and face book!

Lori said...

ah so fun. we were so sad to miss it this year. thanks for the pictures! :)

i hear ya on hiding for the winter! haha

Lindsie and Josh said...

Good to see your boys! Send me your e-mail on facebook so i can invite you on just getting better at the blogging, be patient and I'll get it everyone.LOL

Allie said...

So much for not getting it! :( I am so sorr you guys are so sick! I hope he gets better in time for his sleep study!! Did re-aranging his room take some things off your kitchen counter??

Sending you speedy recovery vibes!!