Thursday, October 29, 2009

Update on the kids

I think I have a new hatred for the H1N1. I am stuck home, I can't have anyone come here and I can't go there. And I have three kids wanting me to hold them at the same time. 7 days is not coming fast enough! I say 7 days, cuz that is what the doc at the ER told me to expect for the kids to not feel well. Sigh... it's going to be a long time!

So... Trevor is doing better. He is through the fever, shakes, chills, ect. but the cold part has got a good hold on him. His asthma has gotten pretty bad and I am doing breathing treatments around the clock. He has thrown up a few times from coughing so hard. I feel so bad for him. I hope he feels better soon.

Jordan is on day 2. He has had a high fever with the aches, pains, chills... ect going on. He has had periods of time today he seemed to be a little better, but then it comes back with a vengeance. If it follows the same pattern as Trevor.. he should be slightly better tomorrow.

Josh has been coughing on and off today. That is how it started with both Trevor and Jordan. But..... his could be reflux related too. I don't know for sure. I have been in contact with his GI doctor about his feedings and ect.... for the last couple weeks and she finally called today to 'chat' with me. Josh is not getting enough calories a day anymore, mostly because he does not tolerate the bolus feedings very well anymore. So we are going to start him on continuous night feeds. It has been a pain the rear to get going though. It wasn't as easy as it seems. The crib we are using is Scott's old crib (ours broke several months ago) and it is basically being held together and in place by plywood and his dresser being shoved up against it. In order to have room in his room for the equipment for his night feedings, I need to move the dresser. But if I do.... there goes the crib. So my sister in law has been so awesome and is going to switch us... our toddler bed being stored downstairs, for her crib. My niece is using it in the toddler setting, so they don't need a crib anymore. So we are going to switch around and start night feedings tomorrow night (thanks Raeanne.... you're a lifesavor!). We'll see how this all works out.

So.. that is the update on our family. We will hopefully be swine flu free by next weekend and be able to come out of isolation. Wish us luck!!!!


Amy said...

I am so sorry that you have a houseful of sick kids. It's hard enough with just one. I still am praying that Josh, you, and Scott won't get it. I am becoming more and more glad that I got Kyrie the H1N1 vaccine. I hope things start getting better real soon. I will pray it does. Good luck!

Chantel and Brian said...

Good luck with it all. i hope trevor can conquer it without causing to many asthma problems. I hope you guys get everything figured out with josh and his feedings. Maybe someday he'll start gaining weight ( :

Ashley said...

That is so hard! Hope your boys get feeling better. I know what it's like with one sick kid but not 3!

Scilley Family said...

I am sorry to hear that your kids are sick. I have been scared to death about my boys getting the H1N1 so we don't take them anywhere until they are totally vaccinated. They got there first dose on Oct 15th so I will take them back in a couple weeks to get the second dose and then a couple weeks after that I will feel better about taking them out. I feel for your little one with asthma. My Tyler has asthma and it gets so bad with just a little cold so that is why I have been worried about the H1N1 because it targets the lungs and my little 8 month old had RSV when he was 3 weeks old so my dr said to be very careful the whole first year not to get him sick because his lungs were damaged. I hope your family gets well soon!!

Deb and Spence said...

I hope everyone gets feeling better soon! I hate feeling trapped in my house. Good luck with night feedings!