Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Update and Pictures of Kaitlyn

I am finally home from the hospital so here are the long awaited pictures!

First, an update on our sweet baby.

She is still doing well. Her Bili levels came up, so she is now being treated for jaundice under the lights. I think she is already looking better after several hours today. So that is very hopeful. We still aren't sure of the cause of her spitting/vomiting. She is now on another new formula called Similac Sensitive RS... meaning it has rice starch added to slightly thicken in. This is the 4th formula now. Crazy. She is still nippling about 21-24cc of her 35 cc minimum per feeding. It's good that she is still trying and still eating mostly by mouth. And her Oxygen levels are still great with no big de-satting during feeds. I am very happy with her progress and I hope she continues to improve each day.

Here are the pictures from her birth on that we have taken. I took a majority of them over the last day and a half. Scott was stuck home with a sick Trevor, so it has taken until now to get them home and downloaded. Hope you enjoy them!!

This one looks creepy of her under the lights. It looks like she is glowing or somthing.

Isn't she so sweet??????


Jessica said...

Melissa she looks so much like you! The bow is super cute, I think that's so sweet when the hospitals do that! So... How is being home? The one good thing is that you live so dang close to the hospital, you can go during a snow storm. I can't wait to meet her, she is just adorable.

Brittany said...

She's beautiful. Many congrats to you both and prayers that she's with you very shortly

Annie said...

She is so sweet and very cute!

Tanya said...

She is seriously adorable! And she really looks a lot like you! :) I'm so happy that things are going well. I hope that continues!

Deb and Spence said...

So adorable! She definitely looks like you.