Saturday, November 27, 2010

Update with Pictures and Video

I finally got some good pictures and even some video of Kaitlyn today.

She is doing very well. We were hoping to bring her home today, but the Neonatalogist wanted to keep her one more day to monitor her eating. She is doing fantastic now, so I am very hopeful she will be discharged tomorrow.

Enjoy the pictures and video. If you have a hard time viewing the video, maybe hit refresh and try again. She is so adorable!!!!

And this is what happens to Daddy after an exhausting week. He has been super-dad this week doing it all. He fell asleep during the BYU/UTAH game this afternoon. Does that tell you how exhausted the poor guy is?? We love him!


Lori said...

aww i love little new ones.

Teri said...

I can't believe how alert she is! I can totally see you in her. I am so happy that she is here and that you are both healthy and happy for the Holidays. Congrats!

Tanya said...

She is seriously adorable! I hope she's still doing well.