Sunday, September 7, 2008

Our Wild and Crazy Vacation!

We had a wild and crazy week! It was a fast trip with lot's to do. We survived and here are some pictures of our one and only vacation this year.

This is Trevor and Jordan at Yellowstone at the Paint Pots. It was soooo cold the day we went to Yellowstone... the temperature was in the 40's with rain.

This is another picture at the Paint Pots. It was hard to get a picture with Josh since he was in the stroller alot of the time.
This is Trevor and Jordan waiting for Old Faithful to go off. It was very cold and windy when we got there. We waited about 20 min. for it to go off, and right before it did, the wind shifted and we got blasted by Old Faithful. It wasn't the best water to be sprayed with since it is sulfer, but I thought it was cool even though we got hit so hard with water we didnt' really see the Geyser itself. The boys said for hours after that they don't want to go back there since the water got them soaking wet and they didn't like that.

The boys and I at the sign for Old Faithful. Trevor is not happy since he was very wet now.

This is Scott and the boys at the Upper Falls in Yellowstone. I didn't actually get to go down to this since Josh was fussy and I had gotten car sick before we got here. So I stayed in the van with Josh. It sure is beautiful though!!

This is Mesa Falls. It is a about 40 minutes out of Island Park, Idaho. We went there last time, but in the late afternoon. It was so gorgeous first thing in the morning! The kids loved the big waterfall, and of course Jordan had a million questions about it.

I had to get a picture of Josh too... since he wasn't in alot of pictures. He was happy as can be on Scott's shoulders here.

This is Jordan at a Snow Pole at Mesa Falls. He was so proud of himself. He is much bigger than he was last time (he was 2).

You can tell in this picture that Josh was getting so silly and tired from being in the carseat for days on end. He figured out how to pull his headrest of his carseat down over his head and was laughing so hard over this. We have never seen him act like that and it was priceless!

Poor Josh was so sleepy! He didn't sleep well on the trip and while we were trying to get packed up and clean the cabin on saturday morning, I handed him to my dad to hold. Next thing I knew.. he was asleep. Josh doesn't ever fall asleep in our arms so it was so cute! He really loves his grandpa!!

All in all it was a wonderful trip and so good to get away. We need to go back and spend more time there! Today we are recovering from all the driving and gearing up for our big week. Jordan starts preschool tomorrow, Rosco starts puppy training this week, and Josh is starting Speech Therapy this week as well. It will keep us on our toes!


Chan said...

We both put posts on our blogs about Island Park at almost the same time. It was a lot of car driving, wasn't it? Ya, I wasn't impressed with Old Faithful either...darn wind! Parker got soaked!

nixon5 said...

how fun! Vacations are the best even if they are not what you had planned.

maidmarian4 said...

What fun memories. :) Six months of my hubby's mission was in West Yellowstone. We went there on our honeymoon. :)

Amy said...

You guys look great in your pictures! I miss everyone and wish we could have been there. I'm glad you had a good time and have good memories to remember.

Allie said...

it looks beautiful there! Sorry to hear Josh didnt sleep well, you should have had your dad hold him every night!!
Good luck this week...sounds full!

Heidi said...

Family vacations are always fun. It sounds like you had a few hard time but in a few years I am sure you wont remember them.