Friday, September 12, 2008

Some new changes for Josh

We have had some new changes for Josh this week. It's been a wild and crazy week here, and I finally am just getting some new posts done.

Josh had all sorts of therapy going on this week, 4 out of the 5 week days he was booked. Sad for such a little guy, huh? His physical therapist (Lisa) came first this week on monday morning. She was a little surprised that Josh was not walking all over. He is not afraid to walk and loves to walk anytime someone will help him along. He just has some balance issues. She told me that he is very text-book typical for a child with neurological problems, and if that is the case it would explain why he can't seem to get his balance. I told her his Pediatrician is more concerned now that there is something going on, and we are going to pursue it after next month's appt with the GI doctor. So she told me he is probably going to need some help with walking for now and wanted to start him on a reversible walker. So she actually came back again today and brought it for him to use. He seems to like walking all over the place and caught on the the concept pretty fast. So we hope that we can get the walking sooner now.

We also met the Speech Therapist, Jill, who will be coming to work with Josh on his language skills. We know his speech is going to be delayed since his oral-motor skills are very behind. But he is also not understanding what we say as well. So she will work on the sign language with him and see what we can do in that area.

He also saw Lynda, his occupation therapist, twice this week (once for his home visit and once for his tuesday group therapy) and he did very well this week. So it was exciting to have some positive things going on!

It's so much for a little boy to do! We hope he does well and things don't get to complicated for him. He is such a trooper and we can't ask for more! We love him so much and are so grateful to have him in our family despite the challenges we have gone through. He is a special boy!


Tanya said...

Wow. ALways something.... Anyway, I am so glad he's getting the help he needs and that people are seeing what needs done and can do something about it.
I also now "get" why you're not online! But I still miss you! LOL!

nixon5 said...

Good luck with everything. Never a dull moment huh.

Chan said...

I hope that walker helps like it helped Brian's cousins little girl. He looks cute standing up to it.