Monday, September 29, 2008

Rosco's First Groom!!

Today Rosco had his first grooming appointment! Since I have had a few people asking us about our puppy, I thought that I would post this... I will also post a before picture that was on my blog a month ago, but showed how furry he was.

He did great.. they said he was a very sweet puppy. We have had 3 of our 8 puppy training classes and they are already paying off big time! Well worth the money, effort and time.

Enjoy our puppy pictures!!
This is a before pictures of Rosco last month... but his hair was a bit longer today.

At least they don't put bows in his hair! The halloween bandana is cute!

Isn't he cute??? He is so much smaller now without all his hair!!!

Sorry it's not such a great shot... it's hard to photograph a dog!

I just wanted to show how big (or small!) Rosco is. This is a kids book he is sitting by.


nixon5 said...

That is the sweetest dog. You have alot more energy than I do:)

maidmarian4 said...

Awh Rosco is a cutie! Glad he was good for the groomer (I'm SURE the training helps too!). :)

Chan said...

Cute little pup. i think it's funny that the dog places always put those bandana's on the dogs. I didn't know they did that until I saw booser had one after Island Park. haha.