Monday, June 9, 2008

Another birthday party!

And the birthdays continue!

It was another birthday party on my side of the family last night. We celebrated three June birthdays, Josh's, my cousin Kendra's and my sister Chantel's. We had a yummy ice cream cake that my mom got, and had some fun together. Even though Josh wasn't intrested much in his presents again, he has been playing with them today. Thanks everyone!! While we were there last night, we decided to finally get an updated grandkid pictures before Amy moves next month. So here is Ryan (almost 2 months), Kyrie (2) who are my sister Amy's kids. Next is Parker (17 months) who is my sister Chan's little boy, and then of course my kids.I thought I would just snap a quick picture to show how thrilled my kids were for this picture. Thankfully we don't attempt to do things like this on a regular basis... they think we are torturing them by making them sit for a picture.
So that was our fun night last night. Now we are done for a couple weeks on birthdays, and we just have Father's day to look forward to!

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