Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Something new for Josh!

Since you already know that Josh has many food allergies, and eating delays.... it's very rare to get to do new things with him.

Last time his therapist was here, she suggested trying to find some dairy-free ice cream. Since cold facilitates a swallow, it would pull double duty here. A new food for him, and something cold to help him swallow. So tonight I decided to try it. I know that this could have gone very bad, since he is not feeling the greatest and was not happy. But sometimes you can just distract him and he is happy. So I thought we would give it a try. I never knew he would LOVE ice cream this much! I think this will be his new treat. It is very healthy and organic so he can have it more often.
This is after the first bite....mmmm..... I think we have a smile starting!

He had a little bit of difficulty keeping it in his mouth, but got the hang of it pretty fast!

Sorry the pictures is a little blury, but he was so excited, I couldn't shovel it in fast enough! He would get his mouth open so wide for the next bite... which is very unusual for him. I have to usually coax him to open even for things he really likes.

So I think it is safe to say he LOVES it, right? Maybe I can use this to my advantage!!


Tanya said...

How fun is that?! Good for him, good for you, hooray for the smarty therapist, YEAY!!!!!!

Heidi said...

Your boys are so cute. It is nice to connect with old friends.

nixon5 said...

looks like he loves it. Cute pictures of the boys.

Kendell Family said...

mmm ice cream! Why wouldn't he love it?! lol I love looking at all the pictures. We miss you all!