Thursday, June 19, 2008

Another update on Josh

This isn't the clearest picture of Josh, but he was smiling, so I had to post it. I don't have alot of pictures of him standing up, since it's still a new thing for him.

I took Josh into the Doctor for his 12 month appointment today. It was a little late, but his pediatrician was on vacation the week of his birthday.

So, Josh weighed in at 19lb 15 oz, which is a loss from his visit last week. He is in the 20th percentile for weight. His heighth was 31 inches, and in the 50th percentile. He is barely maintaining his weight for now, so we are going to have to watch it close. His therapist is weighing him every week when she comes and it has been bouncing around a little. As long as we don't lose anymore, we will be OK.

His Dr is more concerned over his head again, and the ridge along the top of his head is noticably more pronounced. So next week we have an appt with a specialist at Primary Children's Medical Center to see where we go now. I had a hunch it was getting worse, but didn't want to think about it, so it still was a little surprising we are headed to Salt Lake. We don't know what comes next, other than probably a Cat Scan of his brain.

His eating is still the same and we don't really have any more news in that area. We are starting sign language with him since both the Dr and therapist have highly suggested it since he will be delayed in speech with his oral delays. So I guess it is time to break out the refresher on sign language.

On a more positive note... his ears are cleared up! So we are happy for that at least. He was given some shots today, so he will be whiney for awhile again. But at least we got rid of one thing! It was really good to hear.

So, we will keep everyone updated on our visit to the Dr next week, and in the meantime if anything exciting happens... we'll let you know!


nixon5 said...

good luck with everything!
keep me posted.

Allie said...

Poor little Josh!
I will check back for the update, I hope its good news