Thursday, June 12, 2008

Just chillin' through the pain.....

the poor boy! I had to take him into the Doctor last night for another double ear infection! Can you believe the luck this poor baby has? He has his tubes in on March 31st... had another ear infection two weeks later, was given the all clear on April 29th.. and 6 weeks later, here we are again. And he has only had allergies going on! Good thing he is so good about all of this. I took this picture last night while we were out at the Dr appt and getting his meds filled.

He LOVES his carseat now that he can face forward. He weighs 20 lb exactly so we turned him since he gags alot in the car and I can never see how bad it is... I have to rely on Trevor and Jordan to tell me what is going on.
He is just a happy camper in the van now...he grins the whole time, it's so cute!

Just another update on Josh's therapy. I talked to his therapist today for a while (she had to reschedule from earlier this week since she was sick) and she wants Josh to join one of her group therapy classes on top of his weekly therapy. It will be a weekly class as well. She has a small group of 4-5 kids that are 12-18 months old on tuesdays. She works on textures, drinking from things other than bottles, trying new foods, ect. She thinks he really needs some additional support. She finally has told me a more specific way to explain to people what is going on with him. She said it is called, 'poor oral and motor skills, with a delay in motor skill planning'. Basically that means he is behind in those areas and the reason why is that he can't 'plan' how to deal with new things... like new textures, ect. Plus he also has the gag reflex problem that makes it worse. I'm not sure if it makes me feel better to have 'something' I can say to explain what is going on, or if it is just as confusing to explain the term. Who knows!! LOL!!!!

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Tanya said...

The first picture didn't work.
Josh is adorable tho!!!
I know what you mean about gagging and you can't see, but for me it was Hunter. Its rough, so I'm gald he's forward facing now. Good luck!